Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6: Horseheads, NY > Chicago, IL

After a sporadic night's sleep, I had a good Dad-prepared breakfast and a good Mom-prepared fussing over while I packed the car.

My trusty steed for this trip: Elektra.

Where's all my stuff?

Oh, there it is.

The first leg of the "real" part of the trip would take me out I-86 and I-90 to Chicago. I had to make a few stops along the way, including at Gerow's Dairy:

After Gerow's, Target was up next for a few last minute supplies. Finally, at around 10AM, I was on the road.

First song that came up? Rambin' Man. Fitting, I think.

Surprisingly, I haven't really driven this stretch of road all that much in my life, so it was enjoyable. I usually get very bored driving the same road over and over. Of course with that being said, I got onto I-390 North to Rochester due to my unfamiliarity. First navigation error of the trip!

The overcast skies gave way to warming temperatures and blue skies.

Crossing the lake at Jamestown. I've never liked the bridge, in that I feel it spoils the beauty of a pretty lake. As if anyone asked my opinion...

Pennsylvania came and went quickly. Ohio weather continued to be pretty.

A quick search on my phone turned up Kay's Place.

I prefer to try to eat "local", even if it is nothing special. The food is often better, and you get to meet people.

I also started keeping my Captian's Log, which would be difficult to do as a solo traveler, but nonetheless important. I'm taking a page from my co-pirate Carrie in the layout of the log.

Neat sign for the motel next to Kay's Place.

Pulling into Cleveland, spotted Erie Lake.

This was the first of three comically huge arrow signs I saw in Cleveland. The other two had lights!

Cleveland skyline. And traffic. That traffic would come to haunt me in a few minutes. I really needed to use the restroom, so I got off of the highway and went hunting. A few frantic minutes later a gas station let me use their private bathroom, just in time.

My detour gave me a chance to see some of Cleveland's architecture.

I'm always a sucker for a brick building.

The hours rolled by, and the sun started to set.

Gary, Indiana.

First glimpse of Chicago!

I love the neon signs for the Skyway Toll Bridge.

As I made my way to my friend's apartment (trying to get there by 8 for dinner reservations) I was sitting in traffic. What's the best soundtrack to put on while stuck in Chicago traffic? The Blues Brothers, of course.

Lake Michigan. I was surprised to see beaches along the shore, right next to downtown Chicago.

At this point I was tired and cranky and smelly. So what's the best thing to do? Try to find parking in a major city! After hunting for what felt like an eternity, I finally found a spot and parked for the night. My friend Andrea and I made our way to dinner (sushi!) with her friend Lauren, before getting a cupcake at Molly's.

It was a great first day, but I was very anxious to get out of the North east and westward!