Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And now for something completely different...

Thus far Fernweh Again has been a blog about my trips, as I take them. I know that it might seem narcissistic to assume that anyone would actually want to look at the photos of all the interesting and exciting places I've been, but is it really more vain than having photo albums that we share? Or even I wish that my great aunt Elizabeth were still around, with her epic adventures and her slide shows at the cottage on Kueka Lake.

So what could be even more vain than posting my trips? Why, writing about travel of course! Perhaps a little more focused on where I want to go next, rather than just travel in general.

So what's next?

As many of you may (or may not recall), I received $500 in travel vouchers from Delta for giving up my seat on my return flight from San Francisco. Like the proverbial money in a pocket, those travel vouchers have been burning a hole in my pocket.

Couple those vouchers with the fact that in the last twelve months I've travelled more in my life than I have ever before (Internationally to Canada/Ottawa twice, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and a few hours in the Bejing Airport, and Domestically California/Nevada twice, Madison WI twice, and Michigan, with a few other local side trips) and I want to keep that streak alive, going at least someplace else new that I haven't been before. Twenty fifteen looks like it might be a slow year for travel, or not, considering The French is getting married in July and a trip is in the offing...

So that leaves me with $500 and that epic fernweh. So where should I go?

First up in my mind was Santiago, Chile. Of course at around $1500 that's out of question. Wait, how about Lima, Peru? Yes, that's doable! Of course when I ask my co-worker who is from Chile about going to Lima, I found out why it was so cheap, so that's out of the question. Also, for a long weekend it would mean a day and a half flying. South America starts to sound a lot more difficult in general.

Then Puerto Rico popped into my head. Around $300 for a round trip ticket from Boston would do two things: take me someplace I've never been, and leave me with some vouchers left for another trip, or at least a portion of a trip!

Once I was thinking about islands, Bermuda came to mind. Out in the middle of the Atlantic, it's only little over a two hour flight from Boston, but sadly in the winter the weather is typically only in the 60's. Nice, but if I am on a tiny island, I want it to be tropical.

Puerto Rico seems like it might be winning this one so far...